Trip Report: Savannah, GA (June, 2013) Day 2: 11:15 a.m. Zunzi’s

This morning started with breakfast at Henry’s, which was on the other side of the block from our hotel.

I didn’t bring my camera because after looking at their menu in our hotel room, there didn’t seem to be anything special worth photographing. It wasn’t until we got home that I regretted that decision. Not because the food was anything special, it wasn’t. I remembered my reasoning for these reviews, while they may be helpful to those of you reading, they’re really meant for me. They’re a way for me to keep a record of places I’ve been and foods I’ve eaten. This is useful for entertainment purposes looking back and seeing some great eats, but also to help me decide whether or not to go back to a place, and if I do, what might be a good or bad choice on what to order.

Photo Credit: Photo taken by Gator58 on TripAdvisor.

The restaurant is set up like a Waffle House in that the grill is open to the customers, and the line cooks make your meal just as they would at a Waffle House.

Photo Credit: Photo taken by Steve M on TripAdvisor.

I ordered the Breakfast Combo for $7.00 which was “3 eggs, 2 strips of bacon, 2 sausage patties or links (I chose links), and 2 buttermilk pancakes.” I took a $1.25 upgrade to substitute my pancakes with a Belgian Waffle.

I also had the Cinnamon French Toast (white (my choice), wheat, or raisin) for $4.75. Description says “3 pieces of bread dipped into our special egg based batter). I won’t bore you with a review lacking photos, but the food was just average. The Cinnamon French Toast was just normal french toast that we all could make at home, with cinnamon. The Belgian waffle was a standard, unflavored waffle, cooked semi crispy. The breakfast removed my hunger, but didn’t wow me.

In the end I don’t recommend Henry’s due to lack of anything special. The food was good, but that’s all it was, just good. For the average person wanting a satisfying meal at a reasonable price, I would say this place would be great, but we’re here to find the best eats. I probably won’t return with so many other great options available in this city.

Last year I was watching a show on Travel Channel called Best Sandwich in America hosted by Adam Richman of Man vs. Food. The final three included a sandwich called the Conquistador at Zunzi’s in Savannah. You can find a clip of this episode here. I knew that if I ever came to Savannah there was no way I was missing out on this amazing looking sandwich.

Since I was just here for one sandwich at the #4 rated restaurant on TripAdvisor, this will be a quick review. Starting off, we decided to show up as they opened at 11:00 this Tuesday morning. It seemed that almost every review and every photo on TripAdvisor spoke of long lines out the door. I was hoping to avoid a crowd. As we walked up I was happy to find not a single person waiting. I don’t know if it was because we were there at opening time, or if it was the time of the year, or the day of the week. Like many restaurants in Savannah, it is part of a larger building and you have to watch for the signs that locate each place. This one wasn’t hard to find with their big yellow awning.


What I didn’t expect was that there really is almost no visible interior to this place. You can see looking in the door that the counter where you place your order is right there (by the clock).

Counter Just Inside Front Entry

Here is the view looking in the doorway. You can see the doorway is what frames the photo.


Since we got there just after one other group was finished ordering, they were immediately ready to take our order. Reading the menu board, I found The Godfather was the same as the Conquistador with the addition of smoked sausage and marinara sauce. Everything else from the original sandwich is still included. I decided to go for The Godfather at $10.25. My wife got the Conquistador for $9.75, but in order to stay gluten-free, ordered it on lettuce (as a sort of a salad topping) instead of on bread.

We took our styrofoam containers (everything here is to-go, there is no indoor seating) around the corner where they have a few tables set up with umbrellas for shade.

Outside Seating

Now I want to offer full disclosure on every review, so the next photo will show a wider angle of where this quaint looking seating area is located.

Wide Angle Exterior

Yes, the tables are located around the corner where they keep the trash dumpster and recyclables. I show you this because I want to put into perspective how people feel about the food here. This restaurant has no indoor seating, technically no indoor area to even order so you stand in typically long lines, outside in the heat of Georgia, then are given your food to-go where you have the option to leave or eat out back by the dumpster. Yet this place is still the 4th highest rated restaurant in all of Savannah on TripAdvisor as of this posting. That should tell you something about what people think of their product. Now on to the sandwich…

I opened the container to find a decent sized sandwich. For the average person that doesn’t eat as much as I do, it would be more than enough food. It’s probably equivalent to about a foot and a half long Subway or Firehouse sub. The length looked to be about a foot, but the quantity of food inside the bun is at least 50% more than the sandwich chains’.

The Godfather

Served on French bread, it’s first layered with a bed of lettuce and tomato on top. Then they layer the baked chicken which has been cooked to perfection. The included video link above shows how the meat just falls apart in your hands. The final ingredient is their special sauce. The first is a white sauce that’s meant to penetrate the crevices of the chicken. The second sauce is an orange colored sauce that is thicker and lays on top. They won’t say what’s in the sauces, but I can confirm they do taste great.

Chicken & Sauces

Since I ordered The Godfather, they added a couple strips of smoked sausage to the side of the bun, plus the marinara sauce and grated parmesan cheese.

Smoked Sausage

I enjoyed the sandwich a lot. I can’t say for sure if it was the best sandwich I’ve ever had, but it probably could make the top ten.

Rating: 7/10

I can understand why people wait in line for their food. Ordering is quick (even if there were a line), the service is great (they were more than happy to alter my wife’s “sandwich” any way she wanted), and the food is definitely delicious. I would like to try this again, but just as The Conquistador, not the Godfather version. There are many other items on their menu that I’d love to try also. I can see Zunzi’s as being a place I’d make a traditional “every time I’m in Savannah” visit.

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