Toasted Marshmallow Chocolate Bar

A friend of mine was up in Concord, NC at the Great Wolf Lodge Resort. At some point during his trip he stumbled across a dessert from one of their dining venues that was so amazing, he couldn’t resist texting me a photo and telling me that he “met his match.” Knowing my love for unique and amazing foods, he purchased an extra one and brought it back for me to try.

Opening the box, I found a brownie-looking dessert that was about the size of half a dollar bill, squared.

Toasted Marshmallow Chocolate Bar

It was somewhat thick when including the peaks of marshmallow on top, but nothing out of the ordinary compared to some other dessert bars or brownies I’ve seen.

I could initially see that it had only the essential items that make a perfect dessert bar, at least in my opinion. It’s important to know that by the time I had this in my possession, it was two days after being purchased, and had been through a couple cycles of being refrigerated and then warmed during transportation. That would most likely account for any aged appearance you might see looking at it here. My friend was worried about the process of getting it to me without it losing it’s appeal that he found right out of the case.

Nothing but the Essentials

The chocolate bar sat on a graham cracker crust. Even at two days old, this graham cracker base was sugary and crumbly, like it was made earlier that same day. Above the graham cracker, the next level of ingredients varied depending on which side of the bar I was viewing. On this particular side, I found a fairly thick layer of some sort of gooey, caramel-like filling.

Graham Cracker Crust with Gooey “Caramel”

I don’t know for sure if it was actually caramel, but it had a similar consistency, and was just as sweet. It was thicker on some sides, and less so on others. This could have been due to it being initially spread unevenly onto the crust, or shifting due to age, movement, or temperature changes. Either way, it was delicious. This layer, regardless of thickness, was visible throughout the bottom of the bar.

On the top were several different ingredients. A massive amount of chocolate chunks made up a good portion of the toppings. Mixed in with these large chunks were mini marshmallows, many of which were half melted until they oozed into all the crevices. This mixture made a blanket of sticky, super sweet chocolatey flavor that was nothing short of awesome.

Chocolate & Marshmallow

As if that wasn’t enough, a drizzle of chocolate was then added. There was nothing about this Toasted Marshmallow Chocolate Bar that was anything but pure candy.

Chocolate, Marshmallow, and More Chocolate

The graham cracker crust was so sweet, and when broken down, practically turned into sugar crystals. Add to that the caramel layer, chocolate chunks, marshmallow, and liquid chocolate. Did I miss anything? Take the best parts of any candy bar, put them together, and this is the result. Needless to say, it was extremely sweet. As my friend told me the night he tried this, it was very dense. As you can guess from knowing my eating habits, this didn’t come close to taking me out, but I can see others having issues with finishing the whole thing, especially after a meal. On the subject of sweetness and density, I compare this to “magic bars,” also known to some as “seven layer bars.”

I can only imagine having one of these when they’re still fresh in the display case. I’d bet the flavors would have a little more pep that would make it that much better. This is the type of dessert that can actually bring me in as a customer. Yes, I believe that I would actually stay a night at the Great Wolf Lodge just for the chance to get my hands on one of these again.

Rating: 9/10

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