Kona Cafe

It’s time for a very short review of one of my favorite breakfast spots located in Disney World’s first ever resort hotel, The Polynesian. Kona Cafe is one of the few places that my wife and I try to patronize at least once during every visit to the parks. So far, we’ve only done breakfast there, but have plans to try a dinner sometime soon.

Kona Cafe

Being at the Polynesian, the restaurant keeps with the South Pacific theme, both in the food and the atmosphere. Kona Cafe sits right in the main atrium of the hotel. The atrium has two floors, and a large area in the center of the bottom floor with vegetation and water features. This makes the restaurant a little noisier, but you can still converse with your table mates without shouting. Plus, for the people watchers, there’s plenty to see as hotel and park guests walk the atrium’s pathways to the different food venues.

Kona Cafe Viewed from the Walkway

The ambiance here puts you in that tropical atmosphere, and for me, it’s always been a pleasure starting my day with a casual breakfast before a hectic day in the parks. A couple examples of this atmosphere are the few wooden carvings that decorate the walls, and the lighting, which comes in several different tropical themes. Three of which can be seen here.

Multiple Light Fixtures

There’s the giant green palm leaf on the ceiling that has spot lighting down the central stem. Tiki-looking lights flow around the perimeter of the cafe and it’s entrance gates, and drop down lamps that look either like giant butterflies, or exotic flowers from the tropics hang from the ceiling.

Also stretching across the ceiling are paddle fans, the quintessential look of a relaxed, tropical climate.

Seating within the restaurant is mostly standard chairs, with a few tables having banquette seating on one side.


The chairs are not the most comfortable, with minimal padding, and backs that just don’t seem to play well ergonomically. I prefer the banquette seating when possible.

Breakfast food options are limited here, but no matter what you decide on, you probably won’t be disappointed. This is the location where I first introduced you to the all famous Tonga Toast. Still one of my favorite breakfasts of all time, I had to fight my inner urge to order it again, and try to find something new to share with you.


Based on a recommendation from my wife, who ordered this on our last visit, I went with The Samoan for $9.99.

The Samoan

Unlike eggs Bendict, these poached eggs were not sitting on ham and an English muffin. Here they are Polynesianized, and sit on smoked pulled pork hash.

Base of Pulled Pork Hash, Topped with Arugula

Topping The Samoan were some arugula leaves. These greens brought their own distinctive flavor and added a particular freshness to the dish, along with a different texture from the other softer ingredients.

The hollandaise was very sweet and extremely tasty. I don’t know if this is due to the fact that I hadn’t had hollandaise in a long time, or if they just made a really good sauce. While it was sweet, it did have a nice hint of lemon flavor, without the sourness. This sauce is what really brought the whole dish together. It was by far the highlight of the meal.

Hollandaise Sauce

The sweet hollandaise was the perfect contrast to the salty pork hash, which included cooked red onion, small pieces of bread crumbles (about the size you’d find in a Thanksgiving stuffing), and of course potato.

Egg & Hash

The eggs were also perfect. Well cooked, with very runny hot yolks inside, they were the ultimate completion to this South Pacific version of their American cousin, the Benedict.

Rating: 8.5/10

It was a small meal for me, but as you can guess, it was just a snack to start me off on another long day of eating my way through Disney. I will return to Kona Cafe soon, and will share some more about one of my top choice breakfast spots at the parks.

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