Broadway Diner Desserts

Located a couple blocks from the Fayetteville square in Georgia, a popular local restaurant is packed with diners every night of the week. At Broadway Diner, it’s not uncommon to see folks waiting outside for a seat, even in the middle of the week. Usually the wait isn’t any longer than twenty or thirty minutes, but that’s an indication of something. There must be something people find special about this place. After all, it is a diner, and people wait here like they would for the big chain restaurants.

Because of their exceptional gluten-free options, you will probably see a future review here on their meal options, but for today it’s just about the desserts.

Broadway Diner has a single dessert case that isn’t large at all. Fortunately, that doesn’t stop them from stuffing it with huge cakes and pies offering some of the most incredible flavors around. My wife and I stopped in after dinner to pick up a couple slices to bring home for dessert. Just like Frank’s at the Old Mill, the portions here are quite large, and to top it off, they’re only $5.95 a slice!

I couldn’t resist the giant Reese’s® Cake that sat right in the front of the case, so that was my slice of choice.

Reese’s® Cake

To give an idea of the size of their desserts, I’ve shown this slice below as I do many items, with a dollar bill. I use the bill because I think sometimes it’s tough to really picture something when told the length with a standard unit of measurement, like inches. The bill has two purposes. First, when seeing something next to it, it’s a size we all know so well that we can get a better reference for comparison. Second, if you need a more lifelike visual, you probably have a bill nearby that you can lay in front of you to really picture the object’s size.

So here’s the Reese’s® Cake slice with the dollar bill for reference. One thing to note, this slice was actually smaller than average. It’s still not bad for under $6 though.

Size Reference
Size Reference

The cake was four layers high, with each being separated by a whipped, lightly flavored peanut butter ganache layer in between. The cake sections were very moist and had an standard taste of chocolate. I didn’t like cakes much as a child because of their drier nature, but lately I’ve been finding more and more melt-in-your-mouth cakes from various restaurants. I don’t know if over time cakes have been improved to produce a better texture, or if maybe it has to do with the types of cake I probably had in the past, but I’ve definitely come to really enjoy them now.

It can’t be seen here, but the cake also had a few minced peanut pieces mixed into it, which of course added a nice textural contrast, along with a boost of peanut butter flavor.

The frosting on top had a much stronger peanut butter flavor than the ganache that separated the cake layers. There were even dabs of actual peanut butter sporadically placed around the frosting. The top also had a drizzle of rich chocolate that was almost a full coating at the wide end. Above that chocolate coating was a thicker ribbon of icing.

Top Icing Layer

The whole thing peaked with a half of a Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup.

On the outside was more of that peanut butter flavored chocolate buttercream icing.

Outer Icing Layer

The bottom half of that outer icing layer had diced peanuts mixed into it, lending some flavor and texture changes.

As much as I love peanut butter, and especially anything with the Reese’s® name attached to it, this wasn’t my favorite cake I’ve had from Broadway. It was still great, and probably would be enjoyed by any peanut butter lover out there.

Rating: 7/10

My wife found a nice surprise in the dessert case, a flourless “Death by Chocolate” Cake.

“Death by Chocolate” Cake

Consisting of the typical flourless cake product, that is close to the texture and taste of a chocolate brownie, it was sandwiched around a thicker fudge icing layer in the middle. The cake was a lighter flavor than what I’m typically used to finding from the flourless products. The fudge icing in the middle however, had a much stronger chocolate taste. My wife disagreed and thought the icing layer was also light on flavor.

Layer of Fudge Icing

On the outside was a very thin icing layer that had chocolate sprinkles already mixed in. The icing was very thin, just enough to provide a glue for which the sprinkles could stick to the cake.

Coat of Sprinkles

The “leafy” icing piece on top was quite sugary, but not buttery tasting like the buttercream frosing on my cake. It tasted like it may have been made from a powdered sugar base. It was heavily dusted with chocolate shavings and the slightest amount of cocoa powder.

Cocoa Dusted, Chocolate Covered, Chocolate Icing Leaf

Both my wife and I agreed that this wasn’t one of Broadway Diner’s best cakes. We found the main product too light on the chocolate taste, especially to come with the “Death by Chocolate” name. While chocolate sprinkles add some flair to the look, they don’t usually have a strong chocolate taste, nor the quality of any real chocolate. We were a little disappointed and found the cake good, but not great.

Rating: 5.5/10

While this wasn’t the best sampling to offer, maybe this will get you interested in Broadway Diner and the food they have to offer. The desserts are the highlight here, and their main entrées are also pretty good most of the time. We will probably feature some of the options here, as they do have some dedicated gluten-free options to choose from. At the very least, I recommend stepping in the door and checking out the dessert case. I promise you won’t want to leave empty handed.

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