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Epcot 2014 Flower & Garden Festival (Part 1)

It’s that time of year again. Disney’s Epcot has started their Flower & Garden Festival, and for the second year they have brought back the food kiosks. For 2014 they are calling them Outdoor Kitchens. It was almost two months later in the year that I last reported on these small meal samplers. This year I arrived as the festival opened, as opposed to last year when it was coming to an end during my trip. I once again managed to sample every item from these kiosks so I can report back with information on everything.

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O.B.’s Barbecue

Needing a protein fix, it was time for my wife and I to try another barbecue place that we had been debating on for months. She had been here a while back, but I had never eaten here. In the past I would have come here without thought, but after our current food adventures have brought us to some really unique restaurants, this one didn’t seem too inviting. Since it’s rated #13 of 58 restaurants in McDonough, GA on TripAdvisor, and I’d hate to miss out on a local hot spot that’s so close to home. Continue reading O.B.’s Barbecue

Fox Brothers Barbecue

While my wife was in Atlanta recently, she had lunch at a barbecue place called Fox Brothers Barbecue. She texted me to rave about how amazing it was, so I checked out their menu online and was intrigued. She said she’d be willing to go back next time we were in the city. Two days later, here we are.

Fox Brothers Barbecue is a little off the beaten path, but we had no problem finding it with the GPS. The restaurant is made up of three separate areas. The main building where customers eat, the garage to the right where they keep their smokers and other cooking supplies, and a set of temporary storage units that I was told are holding some materials after a tree had fallen on the main building during a recent storm. Continue reading Fox Brothers Barbecue

Trip Report: Disney World (April 2013, Day 3)

9:05 a.m. Breakfast at Kona Cafe

“Tonga Toast”

Breakfast this morning was at the Polynesian Resort. I had been looking forward to ordering another Disney favorite, Tonga Toast. Before the meal came out, the condiments were delivered. They consisted of butter, maple syrup, and a cold strawberry compote. Continue reading Trip Report: Disney World (April 2013, Day 3)

Trip Report: Disney World (April 2013, Day 2)

7:50 a.m. Breakfast at Kouzzina

I started the morning at Kouzzina for breakfast. It’s located on the boardwalk. They have two unique dishes, one waffle, and one french toast. Both of these dishes were excellent. I don’t often have a more fine dining experience for breakfast, so having a waffle or french toast with something other than just butter and syrup is a welcome change. Continue reading Trip Report: Disney World (April 2013, Day 2)