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Fox Brothers Barbecue

While my wife was in Atlanta recently, she had lunch at a barbecue place called Fox Brothers Barbecue. She texted me to rave about how amazing it was, so I checked out their menu online and was intrigued. She said she’d be willing to go back next time we were in the city. Two days later, here we are.

Fox Brothers Barbecue is a little off the beaten path, but we had no problem finding it with the GPS. The restaurant is made up of three separate areas. The main building where customers eat, the garage to the right where they keep their smokers and other cooking supplies, and a set of temporary storage units that I was told are holding some materials after a tree had fallen on the main building during a recent storm. Continue reading Fox Brothers Barbecue

The French Market

The small town of Locust Grove, GA has a little gem of a restaurant with a bit of history. Originally the town’s hardware store since 1906, in 2011 it was purchased and converted into a restaurant with Southern and New Orleans cuisine. Parking is easy to find, whether on the street in front of the restaurant, across the street in a dirt parking lot, or on the paralleling street that runs behind the building.

Continue reading The French Market

The Melting Pot

For my third review, I wanted to go a step further than just the food, and move towards doing reviews on the entire restaurant. While this one may not go as far as I’d eventually like to get, it’s a move in the right direction.

I have visited the melting pot, a fondue restaurant, many times in the past. I probably eat here at least every quarter. I more recently started going to the Roswell, GA location and this will have been third time here. Continue reading The Melting Pot

Canoe: Part 1

Last February, my wife and I visited Canoe for Valentine’s Day dinner. Ever since, we’ve considered it one our favorite places tried in Atlanta. After a little over a year we decided to return. Some of the dishes will be repeats from last time, others will be new to us.

We split all the appetizers and desserts between the two of us, and ordered our own entrées. The first appetizer was a repeat from last time, and was definitely worth the second try. It was Canoe’s House Smoked Salmon on a crispy potato cake with Vermont goat’s cheese. Continue reading Canoe: Part 1