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Our first evening at Disney, before we even got to the parks, began with a dinner at T-REX. If you’ve ever been to Rainforest Cafe, this is the same restaurant, except rather than a rainforest theme we find a prehistoric dinosaur theme. For those that don’t know about either place, these themed family restaurants have extravagant décor overtaking the interior, include large food portions at moderate prices, and are really geared towards the kids. Once we get inside you’ll understand how far they go to fulfill their particular themes.

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Comprehensive Review: City Cafe, Part 2

For this brief second installment of the comprehensive City Cafe review, I will cover some treats I picked up after a late breakfast at Highland Bakery. You can read the first review here. City Cafe is open every day except Sunday. They have separate hours for the bakery and the restaurant, so check their hours before visiting. It’s all one room as shown before, the difference being whether the kitchen is open or not.

On this day they serve lunch between 11:00 am and 2:30 pm, and the bakery remains open until 4:00 pm. I arrived just thirty minutes before closing.

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Highland Bakery, Part 2

Back in June I highlighted some bakery treats from Highland Bakery in Atlanta.

Highland Bakery

That was just a quick stop after lunch to sample a couple items. Today’s visit was to sit down and enjoy breakfast. It appears that since June, they have improved their rating on TripAdvisor from # 38 to # 28 of 3,353 Atlanta restaurants.

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Comprehensive Review: City Cafe, Part 1

Since moving to the Fayetteville, GA area, I’ve had a couple opportunities to sample some treats from City Cafe. This cafe features German cuisine, and also embodies a fantastic bakery case. This will be my first comprehensive review of a restaurant. The plan is to eventually try everything available from their menu and bakery case, along with providing as much information about the location, owners, food, and atmosphere that I can. This will be a several month venture, but an enjoyable one. In order to not overwhelm you, I will spread the many smaller articles out, and intermix them with other reviews.

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Ruth’s Chris

Ruth’s Chris is a large, upscale chain of steakhouses with three locations in Atlanta. This weekend we visited the Centennial Park location, inside the Embassy Suites hotel. Valet parking is the norm in the city, and can be found at the front entrance of the hotel on Marietta Street. Parking is normally $14 for the first three hours, but with a validated ticket from the restaurant that number is cut in half. Continue reading Ruth’s Chris

J. Christopher’s

J. Christopher’s is a small 22 restaurant chain in the greater Atlanta area. They offer common breakfast and lunch options, but with slight differences that make them unique. I have been to two different locations in the city, and this time I patronized the Peachtree City location, which is rated on TripAdvisor at #35 out of 135 restaurants. Located in the pavilion at the intersection of highway 54 and 74 (opposite side of Carabba’s), there is no signage that let’s you know they are there. At the end of the plaza right next to highway 54 you’ll find J. Christopher’s wrapping around the end of the buildings. This large plaza should provide ample parking, especially when dining during breakfast hours. Continue reading J. Christopher’s

The Real Chow Baby

This weekend I decided to go for a low cost, but filling lunch. My wife had once brought me to The Real Chow Baby, and I loved it. We decided to revisit the location we patronized last time, on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta. They also have a second location located on Ponce De Leon Avenue in Atlanta. TripAdvisor rates our location at #244 of 1,446, and the other at #800. The concept is Mongolian Barbecue, or Asian stir-fry, where you create your own meal and they cook it. Continue reading The Real Chow Baby

Trip Report: Savannah, GA (June, 2013) Day 3: 8:30 a.m. b.Matthew’s Eatery

This morning we had plans to have breakfast at another popular spot in Savannah. An hour before leaving the hotel, I was browsing the internet for “unique breakfasts” in Savannah, and kept coming across a place called b.Matthew’s Eatery. We finally decided to change our plans and give this new place a try. This #44 rated restaurant on TripAdvisor is located on busy Bay Street, which runs parallel to the river. From what I saw it looked like parking was limited, and had to be found on the metered streets, or possibly if it’s the right time of the day, across the street near River Street. The corner building appears to be apartments on top, with the small eatery below. Continue reading Trip Report: Savannah, GA (June, 2013) Day 3: 8:30 a.m. b.Matthew’s Eatery

Trip Report: Savannah, GA (June, 2013) Day 2: 7:00 p.m. B & D Burgers

While walking around Savannah, my wife was getting hungry (go figure, it wasn’t me this time) and we used the TripAdvisor app to find the closest restaurants to our location. We came up with #78 rated (they also have a #145 rated location on another street in Savannah) B & D Burgers. I didn’t think much of it when I came upon the building. It looked like any normal restaurant/bar. Continue reading Trip Report: Savannah, GA (June, 2013) Day 2: 7:00 p.m. B & D Burgers