About Ratings

This page describes the ratings you see at the end of each food’s review.

The reviews will end with a rating from 1-10. The numbers have a subjective meaning of course, but in general mean:

1-3: Didn’t like. Probably won’t finish these, or I’ll finish them but won’t ever order them again.
4-6: Slightly below average, average, and a little better than average.
7-8: Very tasty. Enjoy these more than the average food and would definitely order again.
9-10: Amazing! These are items that will stand out in my memory for a long time and will most likely be the items that make me want to revisit a restaurant in the future.

Here are some additional notes to further explain the ratings. It needs to be understood that each item is not rated compared to other foods of its type, but to all food as a whole. For example, if I were to eat what I thought was the best hotdog I’ve ever had in my life, it still probably won’t get a 10/10. This is because when compared to ALL foods, it could never rate as well as a filet mignon, or any one of the many dessert creations at a fine dining restaurant.

I rate foods this way because this blog is really for me to personally remember what foods I’ve tried and liked, and those I’ve disliked. This helps me on future visits to decide what to order again, and what to avoid. For example, if I were to go to a fine dining restaurant that had a burger on the menu it would be expected that this establishment would probably have a decent tasting burger, as it’s not fast food. However, how does this burger compare to their salmon dish, or the lasagna? When rating all foods in one group, these questions can be more easily answered.

In saying that, if I ever rate a hotdog 10/10, you need to immediately get in a car or plane and travel to this location before it’s too late!

The ratings are based not only on taste, but may include presentation, uniqueness, and value. The rating is a cumulative value for what I think of this particular item. Again, it’s all very subjective to my personal opinion. Eat at your own risk.

If an item is missing a rating, it’s because I didn’t try enough of it to give my opinion. This most often happens when the food was part of my wife’s order.